Monday, April 16, 2012

Thank you Larry

It's never easy saying good bye to a friend. Loosing someone so quickly and unexpectedly is always shocking to all who knew them. This past year I have started experiencing death on a more personal level and because of you, Larry, I now have the words to write.

When I was really young death showed itself. My grandparents passed away. At this point in my life relationships didn't hold near as much value as in the coming years. In high school death sprang up again. It was a kid who was 3 years younger than me who fell off a wave runner straight into a running boat motor. Devestated the whole town. I didn't fully understand the pain. And once again in college, fraternity hazed a student until he drank himself to death. The whole campus went dry and mourned for the loss of someone so young.

It wasn't until I was reading a poem at my grandmommy's funeral this past May, when death really hit home. As I was looking out into the audience seeing all the red faces, teary eyes and runny noses; I, truly experienced saddness. My heart ached, my forehead wrinkles doubled and I knew my grandmother was never coming back physically. So this is what death felt like. I didn't have to imagine any longer.

Everyone experiences death at one point or another, and no one fully understands it. We can ask so many questions, but we can also look at it on a positive note. There's a reason why we are placed on this earth and some people fulfill their mission sooner than others. Just like our dear friend Larry.

I was taking one of my life sabaticals, as I called it, to Ecuador. Some of the best times of my life happened in this country, right alongside of my dad. I can't believe it's been over a year since I experienced everything in that quaint little town beside the ocean.

Walking up the dirt road to the prettiest looking townhouses in the community was Larry and Shirley's la casa. There was Shirley waving from the front porch with a big smile on her face. Not too far behind was Larry. Her soulmate, and best friend. They had found each other later in life and were enjoying the adventure of their lifetime together all the way down south. My dad had told me they had a wonderful feeling about this place and they purchased their townhouse before ever stepping foot in Ecuador. I was speechless. To have such confidence and passion was a stranger to me.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Larry and Shirely. They were such wonderful, positive people or should I say Canadians. I enjoyed the back porch wine discussions and the walks to town. They had adopted a stray dog who was on her death bed and nursed her back to life, naming her Lady. She was our greeter. She followed us everywhere and was always protecting us. I know that was Larry's girl.

Larry, Shirely and my dad were always thinking of new ways to have fun! They bought motorcycles to one day take a cruising trip. They took shopping trips and were always enjoying their surroundings. They fought hard to keep their community the dream they all had. They made friends with anyone and everyone, but they stood their ground when necessary. They took care of each other, because that's what friends do.

Unfortunately, Larry passed yesterday. Thanks to him I have found the words to write again. He deserves much more than this. He had a light about him, a love he spread to many. I know he fought hard, but he must have been ready. He has fulfilled his mission here. The ocean wrapped him up in her sparkling glory and he is onto his next adventure! RIP Larry