Sunday, August 1, 2010

Always an Adventure

First train in Ecuador

All the Navy guys and I on top of the train!

Traditional Ecuadorian food...queso omelette, sweet
bananas dipped in chopped up peants and carne con arroz
(beef with rice) Those yellow disc looking things are banana like chips
mi padre y yo no quieres (we don't like them). They come with every meal!

Me, Alexandra y Pammy!

Monte Cristo view from the mountain

Santi, Alexandra, Carolina y Pammy

Me sitting in one of the chairs used for congress

Civico Ciudad-Monte Cristo

Alfaro El Presidente

As you have read before, it is always an adventure here in Ecuador! We all now have a saying T.I.E (This Is Ecuador). For example: as we are driving down the street and all of a sudden we have to stop in the middle of the road because cows are being herded down the street. TIE!! Or when we get behind a pickup truck overloaded with people, I mean people are hanging on the sides of the truck for a ride down the street. TIE!! My favorite is when everyone just crams on the bus, basically on top of each other to get to point B or just to cruise down the street. You gotta love this country! TIE!!

Santiago, our tour guide y amigo, has been an amazing friend! He took us on a ride to Monte Cristo to visit the Civico Ciudad of Alfaro, one of the best Presidents Ecuador has had. A little history about him: He was the president twice of Ecaudor from 1895 to 1901 and from 1906 to 1911. His biggest feat was linking the railroad together, but he also gave women rights and more rights to the citizens. Ecuador was the first country in South America to give women the right to vote. As we were looking at all the statues and the museum 5 buses loaded with the Navy came up. It was crowded within minutes with the whole military…lots of men!! You know how I am…can be a little boy crazy at times, so I was just in awe. AND of course since I am blonde, I stand out easily…they were ALL staring! As we were leaving the museum we came across the train outside and I was trying to get some pictures of the Navy guys to show you guys of course ;) and Santiago yells to them all that “he has a present to give them.” A bunch of them had climbed the train at this point so they are yelling at me to come up there with them! At this point I am red in the face and completely embarrassed, but I got a few pictures.

Next stop was going to the tiendas (little shops) in the town of Monte Cristo. This town is known for making Panama Jack hats, you know the ones you pay hundreds of dollars for in the country Panama? Well, they are made in Ecuador and cost me only $7. HAHA! Unbelievable…so I bought two!

Hasta Manana! More to come tomorrow!

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