Saturday, August 21, 2010

Party City

Montanita Coast

Tourists. Surfing. Bars. Dancing. Drinking. 24- hour partying. Life in Montanita.

Montanita is considered to be the Surf capital of Ecuador and People from all over the world travel to this quaint town. I got the pleasure of visiting this town for one night. It was a surprise visit after I explored the town of Porto Lopez (whale watching). For those of you who know me well, I really enjoy the night life scene and I instantly fell in love with this place.

The bus pulled in around 6pm and we jumped off. I remember looking up and seeing tall hostels all around us all made of wood with thatched roof's. It was so unique! The town is very small and there is only one main street, but as I walked down it I just stared at all the hippie like vendors selling hand made crafts and the many surf stores lining the way. Immediately I made reservations at a hostel and after refreshing myself walked back outside to watch the sunset on the beach. It was stunning...there were still surfers out there enjoying the last bit of sun before the night begun.

After the sun disappeared behind the horizon the night officially started. We made our way to a side street with lots of grass hut shacks aka bars and started sipping on cuba libres. Then Martin ran into some of his surfer buddies and I met a lot of the locals in town. It was ladies night! But of course that didn't start until way the meantime we drank and met a ton of cool people.

As the night wore on everyone gathered in the main street to watch some of the local guys juggle fire and doing crazy flips down the center of town. Oh the life! Needless to say the music didn't stop til 5 in the morning and then the workers were pounding away next door at 8am. Definitely not sound proof walls in hostels...

I think the pictures tell the real story!

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