Saturday, July 3, 2010

A little adventure!

For some reason it is dark in some of these pics.

The before pictures of the wedding (la Boda)at Palmazul hotel in San Clemente. What an amazing day it turned out to be for the bride and groom. Jessica and her staff did an outstanding job and worked really hard to get every detail in place to make today a special one!

The wedding was just icing on the cake today! My dad and I decided early on to venture towards Crucita, a nearby ciudad (city) about 10 miles away. He had purchased a motorcycle a few months prior so we thought today would be a perfect day for a countryside stroll. Right outside of San Clemente, we felt a thud and when we slowed down we realized the back tire had a flat! Just another adventure we decided as we made our way to the nearest tire shop about a mile away.

When we got there no one was around, so we thought maybe it was closed. Mi padre yelled "Hola" and a man next door sleeping in a hammock got up to greet us. Three little boys, Yonathan, Bryan and Jose sat there watching his father fix our tire. I managed to get their names and how old they were! I am really glad my 4 years of Spanish lessons in school paid off...haha. This tire repair guys technique's were amazing! He was fast, yet very detailed on everything. In about 30 minutes our tire was fixed and we were on our way back. He told us he repaired it, but that we should get another tube to ride around on. Guess how much it cost?! I mean I was shocked! I kept thinking, its not going to be expensive, but maybe like
$10- he did spend 30 minutes on it! Nope! I was wrong...$2 later, we hit the road.

Later that night we went to Graziani's Pizzeria. Gabriel the Italian made us fresh brick oven pizza, his specialty! It was yummy! Gabriel (the Italian) and Meyers (the German) are the hot spots in town and not too far from the hotel. They both ventured down to the little town of San Clemente to get away just like a lot of people do when they come down here.

It is utopia here, the flowers are picturesque, vegetation is lush, people are friendly and happy, the sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks are lullaby's to your ears, and everyday is an adventure. There aren't enough words to describe living in paradise. I am so thankful for this experience! My wish is for you to be able to find your own paradise!

La vida es muy excellente!

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