Friday, July 2, 2010

Numero tres!

On the left is the beach and cliff right by the apartmento. Above, is the walkway from the apartmento to the road. Tropical flowers are plentiful here. Cathy, your camera would be full of flower pictures!

Did you know that the Panama Jack hats, been around 30 plus years were made in Ecuador? Just a little fact I learned today.

Most of today was spent organizing my living quarters and reading at the pool. Another pic of the guys working on the boardwalk to the beach for the wedding tomorrow. 80 guests are staying at the hotel...and the party goes all night long!

The weather was in the 80's today bright and sunny! Its beautiful at night too, the wind is perfect. There isn't AC here...everyone just leaves their doors/windows open. The bugs will get ya though!

Two more pics I want to add to this is of the passion fruit! It grows plentiful here and makes an amazing drink, especially when mixed with rum :) Also, the picture of the lobster we ate...2lbs for $10!! You can't beat that anywhere! Freshly caught that morning from the local fisherman. Vegetation is fresh, colorful and tastes extremely mouth watering.

Traditionally we learn in school that Hola is another way of saying hello. Locally, everyone says buenas, a very informal way of saying hello how are you?

Buenas Dias amigos!

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