Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trip to Portoviejo

Sorry its been awhile! The internet at the hotel/condos has been down with very little connectivity. We are hoping they get this fixed soon! I will post as often as I can! Also, even though you are a follower of my blog doesn't mean that it will email you updates. You have to go into your account settings and ask them to email you when I have an update!

I took a trip with Lordes the manager of Palmazul to Portoviejo a few days ago. I traveled on the bus for the first time. We got lucky cause most of the azul (blue) buses are muy malo (very bad), but I think ours was new! The ride was very easy, except for everyone staring at the gringo (ME!). The bus ride from San Clemente to Portoviejo was about an hour long, with many stops. When the bus was full people still piled on and just held onto the seats or the metal bars on the ceiling. A little boy not more than 10 years old got on the bus and started making an announcement loudly...he then proceeded to start singing and walking up and down the aisle. He stopped in front of me and sang a romantic song and of course I gave him 25cents for his effort. He could have been an orphan or just a beggar in general...this is common.
It was about $1.00 each way to travel to Portoviejo. Every stop along the way a vendor got on the bus to sell something...water, ice cream, banana couldn't go hungry!!

-I will post more later...I have to go! On our way to see a huge tortoise!!!

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